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How To Plan Your Ideal 2018 Year

10 Steps Towards Personal Growth This Year

Make sure that 2018 is the year of YOU! There is no better time than the beginning of a fresh new year to make changes towards a more successful and happy life. It is not always about pleasing others or success in your career. If you are happy and calm in your personal life then the rest of your life will follow in order as well. Taking care of yourself is the first step to a happy and meaningful life. You must create an environment for personal growth and give yourself the opportunity to change. We have devised ten steps you can take to create a meaningful and full life. There is no room to help others if you yourself needs help first. You must fill your own cup before you can share your strength with others.

“Personal growth is a journey that is never complete.”

  • Reach Out To The Haters

No matter what you do in life, no matter how successful or positive you are there will always be someone to hate on your lifestyle. Everyone has haters whether you know it or not. If you are in a fight with someone over issues or ideals then reach out to them with a message or call and hash out reasons why you are at odds with one another. Bringing light to positivity and change can help mend the hate between you and someone else. You don’t have to become besties overnight or at all for that matter but talking with someone that has an opposing viewpoint can help bring light to issues you may not see because you have blinders up on your side of the argument as well. Communication is key to break down walls and bond over a common good. So call out those haters, buy them a coffee and talk about your issues to create a healthy environment for growth. The new 2018 you has no room for negativity because that will only hinder your chance for personal growth.

  • Meditate

Part of the reason you are looking to grow personally is lack of center. Finding your center is important. It is not just something that is unattainable that yogi’s talk about to trick their class into paying more. A center is actually just reaching a peace of mind that you can be refreshed, start the day on an empty not that is filled with no negativity or positive, it is just a simple state of existence. Take about ten minutes each morning once you wake and stretch high to the sky, reach down to your toes and then sit facing a plain wall, close your eyes and just breathe in and out for 10 minutes to clear your mind. Meditation is as simple as that. I promise you after a few days in a row of doing this you will feel so much more capable and positive because you have released all the yuck in your mind before you start your daily routine.

  • Quit A Bad Habit

We all have bad habits, be it smoking, drinking, biting your nails, or even a toxic person in your life that has been clouding your judgement. Choose one of your bad habits and cut it out of your life. As much as you want to cut them all out, we need a vice every once and awhile to keep ourselves sane. After you have decided to quit a habit, write it down on a piece of paper in pen and post it at your desk at home, work, you mirrors, and anywhere you would see it throughout the day to keep a constant reminder of your habit that you are trying to quit. Quitting is difficult and it will not just happen overnight but if you keep up with it and are persistent the end result will pay off and you will be much happier in the end because you quit. You will find that after you have gotten rid of one of your bad habits, you have more money in your pocket, more time for yourself, and you will feel more healthy overall, both mentally and physically.

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  • Wake Up Early

How dare I even suggest this, I know, sleep is key but sometimes waking up early is also the key to something else. You will find that waking up an hour earlier gives you so much more clarity in your day than you have ever had before. Sleep is great and much needed but if you add one hour to your day by waking up at five in the morning instead of six then you will be able to create more healthy habits for yourself. Maybe you didn’t have time to eat a healthy breakfast every morning, now you do. Maybe you were never able to find a part of your day to fit in a quick workout and now you will be able to. Exercise will give you an extra boost to start your day.

  • Create An Inspirational Room

Everyone loves to redecorate but when do you truly take the time to focus a room on one inspiring thing. A nice vase here and there or a bouquet of fresh flowers is a fun accent to add to an existing room to give it life but what I am challenging you to do is change a room entirely. Pick a room that needs some attention and choose an inspiration maybe it is a quote that you love or a color that speaks to you. Use those as an inspiration and create a room around it. That way whenever you enter this space you feel the feeling of that color or quote and are inspired to do something great with your day or just sit in the room and enjoy the energy of positivity that you have created.

  • Read A Book Every Day

Instead of binge watching one of your favorite shows before bed pick up a book and read a few chapters before you turn out the lights. Reading is relaxing but will also exercise a very important muscle of yours, your brain. You will be surprised at your increased vocabulary and alertness. Reading has so many different benefits and I was once told to, “read only on the days that you eat,” I think that was some of the best advice that I have ever been given. And before you know it, you will have finished a book in a week and you will be so proud of yourself and that will give you even more confidence to a be a better you.

  • Try One New Thing Each Day

Trying something new doesn’t have to mean skydiving on a Wednesday afternoon, trying something new could be as simple as mixing up your route you take to work to discover a new coffee shop that you would not normally be privy to. Doing something new each day will spark something inside of you that you may not even know. Trying a new food or a new experience could open you up to a new hobby that brings you joy or a new group of friends associated with something that you now love. So not only will you gain personal growth with trying something new but you will grow socially as well!

  • Learn From Other People

The best teachers can be the people that we least expect. Take you local bus driver for example, maybe if you pay close attention to him or her they will tell you a story or spark a fun fact that they know and you don’t to teach you something. Even the barista that you see everyday you may not truly “see.” Really listen to the people that are in your everyday life and you will learn so much more than you did in years prior just by focusing on the little things and people around you more. The world is so big yet so small. We encounter fascinating people everyday without even knowing it.

  • Focus On The Experience Not The End Result

This year is the year or your, the year of new experiences, and the year of positivity. With every new experience you have this year, enjoy the experience in itself, not what you will get in the end. If you decide to run a marathon, enjoy the run, soak it in and all the feelings that you get while you are racing towards the finish line. Don’t just do it to get a medal in the end, do it for what will happen while you are doing it.

  • Personal Life Upgrade

After you have taken all of this information into account you can now reset for the new year and make this the best one yet as the year of personal growth! Take all of this with a grain of salt add a few things here and there to tweak your daily routine and create a better you!

“There’s no such thing as finished personal self development. You can go on learning, changing and renewing all of your life.”

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