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How To Spark A Relationship Again After The Passion Fades

Take Care Of Yourself And Your Partner

Loss of physical attraction is in large part one of the main reasons that the spark may fade in your relationship. If you meet someone when you are young, hot, and veral, it is sometimes difficult to maintain a passionate spark if that was the root of your desire. No one can stay young forever but you can take care of yourself. Don’t let yourself go just because you are comfortable. Create a routine of self-care that makes your partner see that you want yourself to be cared for and in turn he will want to care for you.

Become Your Own Person Again

Merged identity is something that happens to couples months or years after they have been together. The couple becomes a “we” and not an “I.” There is nothing sexy about that. If you find yourself losing your identity in your relationship try to pull yourself out by separating yourself from your partners activites and add more of your own so that you can be apart from one another without losing the hint of togetherness that you both desire.

Release Your Grudges

Harboring anger and holding onto year long grudges is not healthy for anyone involved. The spark is lost in a relationship if you perpetually blame someone for something they have done months ago with not hope of reconciliation. Forgive and you will start to see a connection reappear. There is no room for love if all you have in your heart is hate.

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