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How To Upgrade From Girlfriend To Wife

Wife Up Your Girlfriend Before Someone Else Does

So you have been dating this awesome girl for awhile now and you want to take things to the next level. The next level from girlfriend is fiance and the inevitable, wife. There are a few major things that you need to take care of before you turn your girlfriend into your wife. Before you make any big moves make sure you have had “the talk” with her. Some women may not be interested in getting married. Drop a few hints at dinner about ceremonies and flower girls. Read the room, see how she feels about the whole “marriage” thing and then go from there.

Once you have established that your woman wants you to put a ring on it you need to have a chat with her family. When you marry someone, you also marry their family. You want to get in good with all her people so that you can ease the transition from boyfriend to husband.

Another step is moving in together. So traditional couples may not move in together until after the wedding but a good way to see how you life will be together after marriage is to live with one another. Asking her to move in is one of the steps that you need to take to make your girlfriend your wife.

Lastly, come up with a plan. You can’t just ask her to be your wife, you need a grand gesture. Women wait their whole lives to be purpoosed to so make it big, make it grand, and make it memorable. Oh, and pro-tip, hire a photographer or close friend to capture the moment unfold for her to look back on with you for years to come.

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