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Is Emotional Cheating Still Cheating?

Not always. It all is determined on the individual person. Some people see physical cheating as the only form and others see cheating as much more of a gray area and a lot can fall into that gray area, including emotional infidelity.

“When it comes to emotional cheating, many people don’t see that their actions are damaging or that they are cheating because sex isn’t involved.”- Elizabeth Ryan, blogger

Emotional cheating is worse than physical cheating in more ways than one. Therefore, emotional cheating is absolutely still cheating. Emotional infidelity is when you focus your time, energy, and attention on someone other than your partner. There is nothing physical but you are invested in another person’s life so much so that it is taking time away from your partner or family. Depending on who you talk to, they may not view emotional cheating as cheating.

Where Does Porn Fit In?

Emotional cheating can also be pornography. You are putting your mind and sexual energy towards someone else and that can be seen as betrayal as well.

“Even though it’s on television, on the Internet, or in a magazine there isn’t a difference. You are still pleasuring yourself to someone who isn’t your significant other,”- Elizabeth Ryan, blogger

Depending on who you ask some people think that porn is also a form of cheating because you are watching someone else have sex. Someone that is getting paid to have sex, porn is under the same umbrella as prostitution and by watching porn you are supporting sex workers. It can be just as hurtful to your partner if you watch porn and put your time into that rather than spending the time with our partner.

Emotional vs. Physical Infidelity

If your partner sleeps with someone else it may have been a one time thing, a mistake after a night of altered perception, a laundry list of classic “excuses.” No matter what, 9 times out of 10 it is a one time affair and nothing comes of it. No that is easier to forget and simple to conceptualize. Emotional affairs on the other hand are not as black and white. They are long drawn out and committed affairs. There is no physical affair just emotional but the idea that your partner is putting that much effort into someone other than you is more hurtful than if they slept with someone.

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