Is Virtual Dating Becoming The New Normal?

Hily users shared their thoughts on quarantine dating experiences.

Dating is not easy even in the less weird times. With the long-lasting quarantine, most of us have replaced face-to-face talks with video calls, long texts, or other virtual means of communication.

Even some of the most intimate interactions had to go online. At Hily, we wanted to know how our users are adapting to social distancing measures so far. It looks like they will be around for a while. So will dates from the comfort of our own home become the new normal?

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In April, we asked 1,500 of our single users from the U.S. and U.K. how their online dating game has changed due to the pandemic. Here’s what they told us.

It’s Somewhat Different

Half of our users reported that their in-app interactions became a bit different in times of the quarantine.

27% of singles talk to people on dating apps more than they did before the lockdown.

8% of our users said the number of the people they communicate on the app hasn’t drastically changed, but the talks became longer — this one we can also see in our in-app dynamics.

However, online dating during the lockdown is not for everyone: 15% of our users said they barely talk to new people online as they won’t be able to go out with them.

Another 50% of our users said that their dating behaviors are no different than they were before the pandemic.

Virtual Dates

The Internet is full of virtual date ideas. Lots of relationship psychologists are encouraging singles to meet people via video calls so they can see if there’s chemistry between them and their match.

52% of Hily users said they haven’t been on a virtual date yet. However, they would love to.

17% of singles went on one or more virtual dates and would do that again. 3% said they tried online date nights but didn’t like the concept.

Nearly one-third of the users don’t want to go on virtual dates. They’d rather wait and “go on a real one”.

Virtual Intimacy

38% of Hily users believe that virtual sex is a good idea. 40% of singles said it’s not. Others prefer not to answer the questions.

Also, 20% of our users reported getting more nudes to their D.M.’s since the quarantine started.

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