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Boy meets girl, girl and boy are both physically attracted to each other, boy and girl fall in love and live happily ever after. However, there are some instances where the laws of attractiveness do not apply to certain relationships. First off, what is the law of attractiveness? It is a larger theory that extends past love, it determines the state of which your life will go according to the universe.

Not all people follow the laws of attraction because it is just a theory but the theory does say that in instances of love a woman will fall for a man that is just as attractive if not more attractive that she is. Unless of course the couple is to fall into “slow love” which is a friends first approach to love. Typically, one of the individuals is less attractive than the other and would not normally create a love match because of the uneven attractiveness.

“Who ever loved, that loved not at first sight.” Christopher Marlowe

People can be very critical about appearance. Especially women, women are statistically more harsh when it comes to views of attractiveness. This is where “slow love” can help out men to nab a woman that is an 8 when the men are more of a 4. Becoming friends with an attractive woman will get you a much better chance to slowly win her over, rather than being extremely attractive or fortunately rich and successful.

Love can happen over time rather than all at once and sometimes that love can last longer than one would even expect. Laws of attraction be damned, go get the hotties!

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