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Let’s Talk About Workplace Crushes

What Happens When You Crush Hard…On Your Boss

We can run through the scenario a million times and no matter how many times we do it sounds like the plot from a porno…girl walks into office, boss allures girl, girl and boss bone. But what happens when it is a real-life crush between you and your boss, not the classic 70s version? There seems to be more of a gradual likeness with this type of office romance. You leave a little later than everyone else so you can see him or her alone. The attraction is there initially but you don’t act on it out of fear. Taking it slow is the route to take with this one, especially because your job could be on the line if things go the wrong route.

“Every time I needed help, he would stand super close to me, would take any chance to touch me during the day, and if we were in the backroom, he would sneak a kiss or hug from me.”

There is an element of sneakiness that comes with a romance that is with a superior. You feel like you are playing out the ultimate fantasy. Kisses behind the storage rack, touching hands while you deliver his mail, and sweet notes or emails throughout the day. You should know that as long as you play by the rules there is no need to fear when dating your boss. It can be totally chill if your company doesn’t have a policy against it.

“We would get a lot of teasing from people about how he treated me as his favorite and how we ‘looked good together.’”

Just like a teacher would proclaim a student teacher’s pet, the extra attention at work you may be getting from your boss because of your relationship can cause office gossip. Don’t worry, just play it off and don’t let it get to you. You have nothing to be ashamed of as long as you are in an adult consenting relationship.

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