Male Beauty vs. Female Beauty

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Male beauty is more in the eye of the beholder than female beauty. Sitcoms can be very telling of just that. Penny and Leonard from the popular series, The Big Bang Theory, seem like an unfitting match, however Leonard’s status as an intelligent scientist with a bit of impish charm; draws Penny in and she falls for him.

Men categorize beauty of women very similarly and do not deviate from the “classic beauty” stereotypes. A beautiful modelesque girl next door will always get the high ratings. As for men, women are all over the board with that. Men that have symmetrical faces and strong jawbones exude a virile, fertile, status that draws women in. Although these looks make men objectively handsome, women are more apt to chose a man that makes them laugh or a man that can support her financially. With this said, women look for qualities of traits and what a man can offer and men look for objectively graded external beauty. This seems to be how we are wired, for better or for worse.

This begs the question, how can a man appear more “beautiful” to women on online dating apps?

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Humor is always something good to lead with in your profile. Think of a witty phrase to add to your list of likes and dislikes. You can make something as simple as your favorite food sound goofy to bring attention to the fact that you have a comedic side. Another attribute that a man can focus on in his profile is his career. A successful man that can provide for a woman and has high status and resources is very attractive.

Nothing says sexy like the stability of health insurance and a 401k. With these few tweaks to your profile, you can go from not so handsome to very handsome in a few short clicks.

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