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Men Who Make Great Husbands

The Provider

Not only is a man with a job a great choice, and an obvious one at that. A man that can provide for you and your family both financially and emotionally is gold star husband material. Marriage is more than your wedding day and you need a man that will see you through all of life’s ups and downs. Financially he can take care of you and your family by putting food on the table and a roof over your head without you worrying about where you will sleep or where your next meal will come from. Having someone provide emotional support as well is almost just as important.

The Life Learner

A man that never stops improving is a great asset to your life. If you marry someone that loves to grow and learn then you too will flourish in his presence. Marrying a man with ambition and dreams will cause you to do the same and you will both grow as people together and individually. Also, learning a new skill such as gardening or star gazing can become a hobby for the two of you to enjoy that not only brings you closer but enriches your mind and spirit as well. Find a man with an inquiry based soul and you have found a life learner to wed.

The Kind Soul

Everyone wants to marry the “nice guy” because the “bad guy” just ends up bringing you heartbreak. Marry the man that considers you above all else and brings you joy with his kind words and loving spirit. Sensitivity has never been a positive in a man until recently, historically men needed to be brash and hard in order to obtain “MAN” status. Now it is much more mainstream to be in touch with your feelings. A man that can spill his soul to you and speak kindness is a gem. Sharing your emotions with someone can be extremely intimate and strengthen your marriage in ways that were not accessible before.

The Passionate Heart

As young girls we dream of the day when our prince sweeps us off our feet in a horse drawn carriage. This however is not always reality for most of us. However, finding a romantic man can be a way to have your prince. A man with a passionate heart will always look to surprise and astound you in any way he can. Whether it be to bring you flowers on a whim or grab your body intensely in the shower to make love to you in the morning. Marry a man that loves you intensely and fiercely with every passing day. You deserve to be kissed and loved with great passion.

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