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Describing Sexual Assault in a Language Men Can Understand

Why men fail to understand what a sexual assault is is baffling to me because it is 2017 and if the men are ‘WOKE’ now, they never will be. There is so much room for education and opportunity to understand what sexual assault is that there is truly no excuse to be so ignorant.

“Do I have to ask to kiss a woman?! That’s crazy!” “Umm yes. It’s not crazy, it shows that you have respect for me and my boundaries, and once it becomes the norm, no one will think twice about it.”

-Kelly Griffin

Unless by chance you live under a rock you have heard of Terry Crews sexual assault that happened years ago. He was grabbed by the crouch without consent by an agent that felt his power was more important than Terry’s consent. Just because he is a man does not mean he can’t be sexually assaulted. This is far more than paling around. Grabbing genitals is not the same as shaking hands, ever. But why is he only coming forward now? Because he realizes that he is a famous man with a platform to elicit change. He describes sexual assault from a male perspective and therefore in reading it maybe men can grasp a better understanding of it.

“The majority of women have experienced some form of sexual assault (most statistics put it around 70%), most women can empathize with these victims.”

Melissa Burkley, Ph.D.

Women and men alike are posting a #METOO message on their social media profiles to promote awareness that sexual assault happens frequently and currently. I never thought there would have to be an article like this written but then again I also didn’t think I would be marching for women’s rights with four generations of women because men still don’t “understand.”

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