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New Addition: Events On Hily

Sometimes Swiping Isn’t Enough

Online dating can get a little blah and lonely sometimes. You feel the urge to go out and socialize to meet others rather than just sit on your couch and swipe left or right. Here at Hily we heard you and we added a new edition to our online dating app. EVENTS! Now with the same ease as you have now we added a new feature to our app. Events is just that, events that are in your area to meet up with fellow Hily members. Events are laid out one month prior so there is no excuse for you not to find one that will fit your schedule. This is a great way to get out there but still have some training wheels on and not be fully immersed into a sea of sharks without a life preserver.

What is it?

Meeting people is difficult and events on the Hily app is a great way to go out and do things without the fear of not meeting someone. You don’t have to be lonely or scared anymore. The intimidating nature of going to a food festival or music concert can be overwhelming to some. Events takes that factor into account and we let you know of events in your area that other Hily users will be at. You can sign up with people you have chatted with online to finally meet or you can go and meet someone there.

Why is it so cool?

There is no awkward waiting period to see if you need to ask them out or if they will ask you out. You can just go to an event with no pressure to call it a date or not. You can “hangout” with potential mates and have a fun day doing something you like anyways. It is a win-win.

Is there an odd lull in the being of every date you have been on lately? Not with events! Going to one of these events is an instant ice-breaker for you and your date.

We have a “rule” here on Hily that you cannot text or message someone unless you have mutual likes. With the new events addition to our online dating app you can message someone that is going to the same event as you without having to “like” them on the app or vice versa.

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Photo by Maxime Bhm on Unsplash

How can you do it?

  1. Pull up your drop-down menu in the Hily app.
  2. Select “Events”
  3. Check out who is interested or attending the event near you.
  4. Text people that are attending without having mutual likes with them.
  5. Attend the event with someone and have a nice day or night out.
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Event Examples

I promise that the events laid out will not be awkward nights with bad food and terrible conversation. We hand select fun events in your area that you probably would go to anyways but now you can meet someone! Here are a few of the many events that you can choose from on Hily.

Food Festivals

-This is a family friendly option. If you or the person you want to meet up with has children this is a great way to have a fun day all together and enjoy food as well as the company of others. Food festivals are a fun low pressure environment to engage in easy going conversation and see if there are any sparks about to fly in a potential relationship.

Art Exhibitions

-Sharing a love of art is a beautiful way to connect with someone. Art is such a conversation starter that is type of event makes for instant conversation opportunities. Is there a local artist that you have been dying to check out but cannot find anyone to go with you? Look no further than Hily Events! This is where we come in to help you out on your life experiences.

Sporting Events

-Sports are not for everyone, some like to play them, some like to watch them, and some like to do both. If this seems like something that you would be into then you can catch a football game with a member from Hily and talk the latest draft picks. Or if you just enjoy a beer on a summer night watching a game of baseball then you can find someone to fill the bleacher next to you and chat about your past and potential future.

Music Festivals

Concerts are always fun but no one likes to go to them alone. Hily events are a great way to experience music and local flavor with someone that you have been chatting with for awhile.

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So if you are already a member of the Hily community then you can go check-out our new events tab right now and if you are not a member yet, that makes us sad.

Join today online using Facebook or your email with this link to become a member of the Hily online dating community and start meeting people today.

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