Online Dating Is The New Normal

What Are Your Chances Of Meeting Someone Online?

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Online Dating Is The Norm

Roughly, one-third of all relationships begin online. It is crazy to imagine that just twenty short years ago people that are dating or married may not have been given the same opportunity to meet without the help of online dating. There is a safe and positive community for all kinds, no matter your sexual preference, gender, or age. There is someone for everyone and the online dating community will help you find your someone. The chances of meeting a person online are much higher than meeting them at random in a coffee shop. This is to say that you live a fast paced life with little time to socialize outside of your daily routine. Online dating has become part of our society and has created lasting relationships for many.

“Online dating has lost much of its stigma, and a majority of Americans now say online dating is a good way to meet people.”

Diverse Pool Of Opportunity

The online dating community provides a diverse pool of individuals for you to choose from. Whereas, dating in person in your town you may not have as many choices as you would with a broadened scope online. Not only are choices more varied online, you can also filter options down to eye color if you so desire. Have you always wanted to meet a green-eyed, surfer, that attends church every Sunday? This may sound like an absurdly specific choice but it is simply an example of how specific you can get when filtering your online dating profile. Not only are your choices varied but they are more diverse on the internet than they would ever be at a local watering hole.


“Online dating is affecting how same-sex couples meet, and how long all couples stay together.”

The taboo veil has been lifted for the LGBTQ community. Not only is it more accepted to be from the gay community but now there are specific dating apps for the LGBTQ community as well. There is no secret underground that you need to go to to meet someone anymore. There are countless apps for women to meet other women, men to meet other men, and trans individuals to meet others. There is a setting for all different kinds of people to meet whomever they want to meet. Whether you are looking for a hook-up, a friend, or a long term commitment the LGBTQ community has a safe place online to meet the love of their life without fear or judgement. Online dating welcomes all!

Keep The Faith

Meeting someone online has a lot to do with your faith, hope, and confidence. Not only is their a large community of online daters but if you lack the faith and hope that you will meet someone out of the millions then you will have less success. You must remain hopeful that there is someone for everyone and you will find yours in due course. Let off some confidence as you introduce yourself to others online. Do not wait to be chatted with, you can be the one to start a conversation, whether you are man or woman, there are no rules. If you see someone you like and what to start a conversation with them, go for it. Waiting will only cause you stress and regret. That is the beauty of online dating. You can plan out what you want to say rather than in person you just have to think on your feet. This way maybe the shy guy can be more sociable and build up some confidence and meet the love of his life.

“Life is full of surprises. It would be quite tragic if you missed out on someone great because he or she didn’t arrive the way you expected.”

All in all the online dating community has done wonders for both heterosexual couples and same sex couples alike. Now that you understand that the potential is out there you need to present yourself to the online dating community well in order to attract potential suitors.

Girl, He Cray

Just because you are online does not mean that there won’t still be creeps trying to get your number. There are crazies in bars and there are crazies in chat rooms. Pay less attention to crazy people who come across your profile and reach out to you — it’s inevitable that you see some trash before finding something trustworthy. Just as you would in person, trust your gut and keep your guard up when you are first chatting with someone online. Do not give money to strangers or send out deeply personal information. You wouldn’t go into a dark alley with a stranger and the same goes for the internet. Chat rooms on dating sites can become a black hole of trickery if you let your guard down. When you are looking for love be sure to use your brain and not just your loins. He may be hot but he could be nuts.

Do you research and keep conversations light and safe before things get more serious. If you decide to meet in person after you have built up a rapport with them online; meet in a well-lit public place where a lot of people are around so that you can be safe when meeting for the first time. Online dating takes work and smarts, there is not a guy that pops up on your screen that fills all your boxes and is waiting to propose to you. There are no neon lights pointing you in the right direction either. Online dating can be a great tool to find your love if you know how to use it. It may take months or even a year but I hope that you find your Romeo. Just remember you have to sort out the weirdos first.

Romantic Requirements

The top three requirements that people must fit under in a romantic standard are as follows in order to meet someone to fall in love with:


-Finding someone that is the same age as you or in the age bracket that you seek to be acceptable for dating is one of the top criteria for people when they are looking for someone to date. You cannot be too old, or too young. Age is very much a deal breaker in a lot of situations. Surprisingly enough 18–24 age group is the demographic that find it most difficult to find a match.


-Physical attraction is an obvious choice when you look at the factors of falling in love. Most of the time someone you are physically attracted too gets your initial attention before you dive further into the relationship. It is rare that something else strikes you first aside from their outer appearance. This is not vain, it is just simply how humans operate.


-Surprising but true. Studies have shown that people will deny a date with a man or woman that does not have the proper pet preference. If you like cats and your mate likes dogs this will not sit well. As silly as it sounds it makes all the sense in the world. If you can’t agree on pets then you probably can’t agree on much else.

Increase your chances of finding love outside of the online dating community as well by socializing with coworkers at happy hours or joining a gym. Online dating and chatting online with others can boost your confidence to take that love knowledge into the real world and try it out. 17% of people find love online but you can use online dating as a tool if you are not so lucky in love on your dating apps. Think of it as training for the big game. In the end, love will find it’s way into your life whether it be online or otherwise.

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