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Stories About Mixed Signals

Mixed Signals While Dating That Led To Misunderstandings

Unanswered Messages

An unanswered text message can mean so many different things. You could be busy, hurt, sleepy, forgetful, or simply rude. There is no way to decode tone in texting, therefore common mixed signals arise when unanswered messages lie waiting. Don’t jump to calling all the local hospitals in your area for your beau if he doesn’t answer your messages right away. Not everyone is glued to their phone and there is a logical explanation for unanswered messages, usually innocent.

First Kiss

Whenever I think of a first kiss, I think of a foot-popping movie kiss. Real life isn’t like that. Sometimes your first kiss with the person that you are dating happens right away and sometimes it is a well thought out planned smooch. If you don’t get a kiss on the first date, what is that supposed to mean? He is so not into you! Just kidding. Just because you don’t get a big kiss after your first date, you don’t need to assume that he doesn’t like you. Love takes time and not everyone is ready for affection right off the bat.

“Your date may be waiting for the perfect moment because they fear rejection. So if the environment makes it awkward, they’re probably not going to force it.” -John Kim, Blogger

No Response To Certain Issues

If the person that you are dating does not always respond to you when you bring up a certain issue, more specifically a hot button issue, you may think that they do not care about said topic. That is simply not true. The mixed signal that people receive from a lack of enthusiasm for a talking subject could just be the fact that they need a bit of time to think on the subject. Rather than overreact, ask about why they didn’t say anything and you will be pleasantly surprised with the answer.

“Time makes people less reactive. If someone isn’t ready to talk about an issue when you are, it doesn’t mean they don’t care.” — John Kim, Blogger

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