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The Era Of Intellectual Choice

Why Men & Women Become Childfree?

Before the 1950s, being “childfree” was not really a choice that many men and women had unless they were barren or abstained from sex. However, thanks to science, people have access to birth control and they can chose whether or not to procreate rather than it being their inevitable fate. But is that the only factor? Not according to Kanazawa, a researcher. He claims that the increased rate of intelligence in women is a result of not having children.

“Kanazawa suggests that for every 15 IQ points a woman possesses, her maternal urge drops by 25 percent. He claims the smarter a woman is, the less likely it is that she will want to have kids.”

Now this is not to say that only unintelligent children reproduce. It is just a general consensus that when women take the time to get higher education their desire to start a family dwindles because they are driven to seek a highly acclaimed career with that newfound knowledge. Women with PhD’s still have babies but as of recently more and more couples chose to be child free because they have different agendas than just reproduction.

“The decision not to have children represents one of the most remarkable changes in the modern family: during the last few decades the number of couples who voluntarily do not want to become parents has drastically increased around the world.”

Hopefully with the uptick in reduced population that things to not go too far. We still need people around that want to have children for the sake of the human race. So whether you want kids or not we can just hope that there is enough kids around that will help sustain the human race rather than career climb and retire alone with no lineage.

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