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The Hidden Rocks Of Dating An African-American Boyfriend

Racism In Online Dating

It is 2017 and there are still stigmas attached to interracial dating. You would think by now skin pigment would be a non-issue, but it is. Interracial dating is still difficult. Caucasian females that date African American males are stereotyped to be out for one thing, the big D. The classic phrase, “Once you go black, you never go back.” No matter if that statement rings true or not that statement it is extremely stereotyped. Why can’t a couple just be in love for the sake of love, a label should not always follow them wherever they go. It makes you wonder then, are people attracted to the stereotype of a person or the individual themselves. Rutgers University piloted a study in 2015 on this issue. “87% of white women surveyed wanting to sleep with a black man but of that only 13% would consider dating or raising a family with them. People are reduced to sexual fantasy. Dating sites do not necessarily help with that matter either. Online dating provides “race” options in the filter menu when you pose a search for potential suitors. This “filtering” is simply perpetuating racism, disguised as personal preference. “30% of people ‘strongly prefer’ to date members of their own race.” This right here is problematic and we need to figure out a solution to avoid prejudice and racism at all costs, even on dating sites.

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