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Men and women both have costs for dating. The price of primping is not small cost. Both genders get haircuts, new clothes, razors, soap (hopefully), and a few other human necessities. There is one thing that men do not have to buy that women do and that is make-up. Ok, so that is one more additive than men, big deal. Wrong, it is concealer, foundation, primer, eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, faux lashes, finishing spray, blending tools, and a stupid amount of brushes for application.

Yes, I know, there is so much more to makeup than just a dab of lipstick and swipe of blush to go out on a date. The average cost for make up in the United States is $8 per application. Although $8 is not a staggering amount upfront, the cost of the products to add up to that cost is a bit more.






That is a lot for a dinner and a movie. Make-up is an investment and it makes sense why women expect men to pay for dinner because even before they meet for the date women are out about $150.

Call me old fashioned but men paying for dinner is an equalizer. The price of beauty is higher than you think as we have seen with the list above. Next time you are going on a date and he pays the bill, do not assume you owe him anything. You are now square and going from there everything is equal. If the average woman stopped wearing makeup all together, she would save $300,000 in her lifetime…that is literally the price of a house or multiple cars.

Ahhh, the things we do for love. Keeping up appearances is difficult but very worth it, so kudos to all the women out there that are spending their hard earned money and time on their faces to get a night out.

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