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Tindstagramming: Sliding Right Into Your DMs

Just when you think creeps have reached an all-time high, they come at you with something new and more creepy than before. Tindstagramming is the latest trend for guys to do when they see a girl on Tinder that they like but did not get a match with. Your Instagram account is linked to this dating app so when you picture pops up for someone, regardless if you reciprocate a like they can direct message you on Instagram. Talk about a lou pole.

Can I Get A Swipe?

Dating apps in general are very judgy. Pretty much you can sit on your couch with a glass of wine and swipe left for not and right for hot. How fun is that? Yes, it sounds a bit ‘’holier than thou” but fun nonetheless. And sometimes you may even end up with a match and get a few dates out of it. But what makes people swipe? Is it the picture, the description, the age. There are many factors that go into deciding whether or not to open the line of communication with a complete stranger. Thankfully dating apps such as Tinder and Hily allow communication only between people that have mutual likes. Mutual likes is when you swipe right for someone that has also swiped right for you. This way only people that YOU want to talk to can contact you. But what happens when someone you don’t choose wants you?

“You know what happens to men that you swipe left on, on tinder? They message you on Instagram instead.”

Information All Around

The internet is a beautiful thing. Need to get directions somewhere, done. Want to know the actor that played that one guy in that one film, done. Need a quick review on a restaurant so you don’t need to waste your time and money on bad food, done. Everything is at your fingertips with a simple Wifi connection, even dating. Online dating apps are a convenient way to meet new people and form relationships whether it be just for sex or with a longer commitment in mind. Either way, super cool. But is it though? Any information you have put on the internet can be accessed by essentially anyone with the right amount of information. Dating apps are riddled with your personal information and links to social media accounts with hopes of finding a mate. Swipe right for yes, left for no and Google stalk the ones that won’t respond.

Modern Day Stalker

With all of the information that we could imagine at our disposal the security of a dating site does not take you very far if people can find you on other forums on the internet. The latest creeper trend I mentioned above is Tinstagramming. This is a sneaky little way for people to message each other on Instagram in the direct message setting if they are not satisfied with the results that they received from the dating app. They are a subgroup known as “Tinstagrammers,” the rejected Tinder users that have resorted to using other avenues to chat with the ladies that denied their initial shot. They use your picture on Tinder or your Instagram handle to find you and then slip into your direct messages to try for a second chance at getting your attention. Most of them are denied, actually almost all. I have yet to hear of a successful relationship that started out with stalking…

“She rejected you once. It wasn’t a fluke, it wasn’t a mistake, and she doesn’t regret it. Take the hint!”

Prevention and Avoidance

I would have to say after learning about this “trend” I have come to realize that is is not as much of a trend as it is a behavior. It seems as though it is a jerk reaction for someone that just got rejected. Oh, she didn’t choose me. I should probably creep her on social media and reach out to her to double check she knows what she is missing out on. Yes, that’s a great idea. Darn millennials can’t take no for an answer. This generation is told how great we are even when we are not and rejection is not taken very kindly because of it. Take a lesson from The Beatles and just LET. IT. BE.

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