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Traditional Gender Roles in Relationships

Do You Subscribe To Gender Roles In Your Relationships?

As of late, gender roles in relationships have become somewhat blurred. Women pay for meals, not all men are the breadwinners and sometimes women even end up proposing. There are no set “role” or “rules” when it comes to dating. Yes, some women still expect a man to pay for dinner on a date and open doors and pull out chairs, and yes, some men want to make the most money in a relationship and propose as tradition calls for. This is just not the case with mainstream dating anymore though.

How do you fall into all of this? Do you split the check on a date or is there a way too friendly ask who is paying? The trend for dates now is to split the bill. If splitting the bill is not an option the etiquette is to have the person that initiated the date in the first place to pay, even if it is a woman. Some women may think this is unfair because of the gender pay gap but regardless of what you make for your salary, the rule says: if you ask, you pay regardless of gender.

Wedding proposals are a whole other beast when it comes to gender roles. Classically it is the woman that waits for the man to ask for her hand but as women become equal to men they have begun to propose in some cases. If you want something, go for it. There is no sense in waiting just for the sake of tradition.

Whatever your choice is on the matter, just be a decent person and it won’t matter who pays for dinner. Happy dating!

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