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A Look Into Why Men & Women Cheat Online

It would seem that finding someone under you covers next to your husband or wife that is not you would be the most dangerous and harmful form of cheating but you would be wrong to assume that. In our technological age that we live in online cheating is very common and very dangerous. Just because they don’t have sex with your partner doesn’t mean that they are not having an affair with them.

“Online cheating, without physical contact, can be the most dangerous type of cheating. Becoming emotionally invested in someone else means the cheating person has checked out of the marriage.”

With physical affairs it could just be a one time deal and you work together to move on from that one instant. Still bad, still harmful to your relationship but it was purely physical and no emotional connection was had. But with online cheating a relationship is formed and a connection is made which becomes a different form of cheating, emotional cheating. We all like to think that we are meeting the needs of our partner but if they are feeling neglected and underappreciated at home. Just because you are having sex doesn’t mean you are fulfilling your wifely or husbandly duties on the homefront.

Physical or emotional affairs typically follow a specific pattern that falls into 4 stages:

1) Developing a close emotional bond (talking, chatting on the Internet)

2) Keeping the relationship a secret

3) Dating phase (meeting for lunch, playing tennis)

4) Intense sexual and emotional liaisons.

“In one study, 56% of men who cheated said they were in very happy marriages; only 34% of women said the same.”

There has to be a reason for happily married people to partake in online relationships. I suppose that begs the question, “what does it mean to be happy?” Is happiness sexual satisfaction, emotional satisfaction, financial stability? There are so many different ways to define it and if one of those is out of whack, boom, the internet is right there to help you find someone to fill your needs. Scary huh?

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