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What Love Does To Your Brain

Why We Are Addicted To Love

Your Brain System

“You can think of love as an intense obsession, but it’s really an addiction. You think about them all the time; you become sexually possessive; you get butterflies in the stomach; you can read their emails and texts over and over again.” — Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist

It has also been found that not only does the ventral tegmental area of our brain gets stimulated when we have fallen in love but the nucleus accumbens also gets a hit. The nucleus accumbens is the part of the brain that favors addiction. It is the same part of the brain that lights up when we feel a rush from gambling, drinking or stealing. The nucleus accumbens fires off for people that have recently fallen in love and that is why love can be seen as an addiction because chemically we feel the same way as we would with any other addictive activity. Then how does something so scientific feel like such magic?

“You can know every single ingredient in a piece of chocolate cake and still sit down and eat the cake and feel that joy. The same with love. There will always be magic to love.”- Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist

I suppose no matter how much we learn or study about the brain on romantic love there will always be a simplicity to it. Love is such a magical feeling that no matter how much we learn and know about the chemical ongoings in our brain we still feel just as giddy, just as blissful. That is the beauty of it all. We can “know” or think we “know” a lot about love and the romantic brain but at the end of the day, it will all feel the same, just love.

Love & Sex

“So there are all these potential chemical triggers that can get activated when you have sex with someone, whether it’s “casual” or not. Something like one-third of people who’ve had a “friends with benefits” relationship has fallen madly in love with that person.” — Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist

Therefore, all the times your parents told you to wait until you were emotionally ready to have sex, they were right. You can’t have a casual sex life without the risk of falling in love. Sometimes it works out and you can keep it casual but most likely you will end up in love or heartbroken so before you sleep with someone keep all of this in mind.

Men vs. Women

A Healthy Heart

Overall Health

“Scientists have suggested that this system may have evolved to help us choose the best mate by giving rise to rewarding feelings when we see that potential partner.”- Caroline Gregoire, blogger

Different stages of life and love can also alter your brain chemistry depending on what point of your life you are in and how long you have been in love. If you have been in love for twenty years, you still get surges of euphoria when you see your partner or even just the thought of them can bring you happiness. Your brain has been completely changed and has remained altered for the length of your relationship. That is why when a relationship ends it still hurts for awhile after a breakup because your brain needs to rework itself completely to adjust to the new life.

In summation, your brain is the true defining reason why you fall in love and why love makes you feel so much wonder. Love is a chemical reaction in your brain and after that reaction, you will continually feel that feeling throughout your relationship. Pick up a shirt of his and you will feel a rush of love. And if you have not met anyone yet considers joining Hily. An online dating app where you can fall in love today!

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