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What makes a woman sexually attractive?

Use his senses to entice and attract a man


  • Put on a red dress, there is nothing sexier to a man than the color red. A tight fitting red dress will draw the eye of any man as well as make him want you sexually.

“The hypothesis is that red lips mimic the widening of blood vessels that occurs with sexual arousal — can’t argue with biology.”

If you do not want to commit to a fully red outfit just stick with a red pout and paint on a nice bright red lipstick. When you flash him those pearly whites he will be drawn to your red lip and ache for you and lean in wanting more.

  • Hips don’t lie and neither does research. Flaunt those curves with a normal body weight as opposed to a super skinny runway model. Men much prefer a woman that is a normal weight with a powerful and alluring walk.

“Women who walk with a swaying gait are more likely to catch a guy’s eye, say researchers at Texas A&M University.”


  • Hit the high notes, Marilyn Monroe is a classic sexual icon. Her high pitched voice drew men in like a siren. Keep your voice at a higher pitch. Don’t be a squeaky mouse but a sultry high pitched tone can go along way.
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