What’s Your Love Language? Hily deciphers the most-common expressions of love…

Sure, love is complicated and learning its language is even more difficult. This is where Hily comes to the rescue!

“Hey, I like you” is our motto for a reason. That being said, we want to be on the lookout for all the potential pitfalls when it comes to falling in love.

So, without further ado let’s go through a few tips that will save you in the near future. Trust us, you’ll thank us later!

Often, new couples can’t find a common ground. Some even say they speak different languages. We’ve all heard the expression “ women are from Venus” and “men are from Mars”…. Well, that’s not entirely false.

People express affection and appreciation in different ways and it doesn’t just narrow down to their gender. However, the problem has as much to do with how affection is being expressed as anything else. Some of you may have heard of the “love language”. That is exactly what the expression of your feelings is — your way to communicate!

The key “love languages” people use are the following:

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Giving Back: This language is all about the gifts, flowers, chocolates, whatever way one can show off their love. Think of it as a language of physical things. Items that your partner will give to show their love. These are often intended to please the object of affection.

Kindness in Action: Think of the little things like carrying a shopping bag, washing the dishes, picking their partner up from work. Now, some think of these as household duties but others definitely view them as their way to express love! For someone who uses this language — these gestures are the way to keep their love interest happy!

Quality Time: Picture cuddling at home watching a movie, spending a whole evening in each other’s company, walking in a park hand-in-hand. This language is all about dedication. The people who express their love in this matter will go to great lengths to make sure they can really connect with their partner and have their full attention at all times.

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Let’s Get Physical: Yes, people who use this love language love to touch. To them, it’s an integral part of their relationship. This means everything from holding hands to a foot massage. Touching makes them feel loved and returns the favor when it comes to their love interest. Sensual gestures make them feel connected in more than just the physical way.

Compliments Galore: This language is all about the nice things people say. From “your outfit is cute” to “your hair looks great” to “you’ve got great taste”! People who communicate in this love language want to hear kind words, and they’re not shy to vocalize their love.

Now that we know the main love languages it is important to talk about them with your current or future partner. The way we communicate is crucial to building a strong relationship.

If your love language is all about the physical and your partner likes to hear kind words, you will have to find a compromise, otherwise your relationship will face struggles along the way.

Our love expression often forms during the childhood. Chances are if your family spent a lot of time together, you will want to do the same with your partner. If touching or kissing was taboo for your parents, you will very likely dislike PDF in your adulthood. However, there are no set rules when it comes to love languages. Often people tend to shift their ways of expressing affection throughout life.

So… What should you do?

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We frequently talk about healthy relationships. For you to be in one, both you and your partner need to explore ways to make sure you’re comfortable expressing your feelings. If you think, this will be a difficult conversation try the following tips:

Give yourselves time: This won’t happen overnight. Learning each other’s language may time years. After all, you don’t expect to learn French or Spanish or Mandarin overnight, do you?

Address each other’s feelings: We mean really ask each other how do you feel? What makes you tick? Why do you care about this and not that?

Focus on the positive: Avoid all the negative stuff instead choose to highlight the parts that you really like!

We hope these tips gave you a bit of insight into the love languages. If you’re still looking for a partner — you know what to do!

Install Hily today and find someone to express your feelings to!

After all, a simple phrase like “Hey, I Like You!” can start something special ;)

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