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When To Leave And When To Stay

Learning Whether To Fight For Her Heart Or Walk Away

You’ve gone on a first date with a girl and to the best of your knowledge, things went pretty great. However, she just doesn’t seem that into you anymore. Did you do something wrong? I wonder if she just isn’t that into you? Well, if she refuses a second date there are two routes to take things. You can either, let her go and walk away or you can fight for her heart and insist on a second chance at love.

Accept Defeat Gracefully

You call up the girl you have been seeing to go on a second date and she refuses. What now? You have to understand there is a reason that she said, “no” so you must accept what happened. After you have accepted the fact that you will probably not be dating this woman again, reflect on the first date that you had to learn from the failure so that you do not mess up again or if it was just her not vibing with you. Then you must move on. There is no sense in dwelling on what never was. A first date is great and there is no reason to get up in arms about the refusal of a second date. You must accept, reflect, and move on.

Fight For Her Heart

After a first date comes a second date, or so you thought. After you chat with the girl and ask her for a second date, she refuses. You had such a connection that you refuse to accept defeat. You decide to fight for her. Don’t fight for her unless you know she will be comfortable with you chasing after her. Some women say no to excite you and invite a chase and others say no just because they don’t like you and want it to be over. Read the situation and if you are sure she is comfortable with you persisting, go ahead. But if she says no a second time, shut it down. No means no.

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