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Why Personal Space In Relationships Is Important

How To Take And How To Give Space In Relationships

Feeling suffocated? Things are getting to be a bit too much? It sounds like you may need some space from your partner. You don’t have to feel bad about wanting some alone time, it is completely natural and necessary for a healthy relationship. Having space doesn’t mean going on a break or ending things, it is just simply finding time in your day to focus on YOU, the you that is not a wife or husband, just the you that you are by yourself.

For starters, you should talk with your partner about having alone time so that you both are on the same page with things. There is nothing worse than a conversation gone wrong because of miscommunication. Just explain to your partner that you have hobbies and activities that you like to do alone, or without them. Remember, they fell in love with you and if you lose who you used to be before the relationship then what even is the point? Being individuals will make you stronger as a couple.

Here is an example of how your can eloquently decline spending time together:

“Don’t be afraid to tell your lover, “I’d really rather not sit through Les Mis again, and I know you don’t enjoy my reading club. So while I’m at the reading club, why don’t you have [insert friend’s name here] over and you can watch it?” This is a reasonable and mature way of reconciling two interests that don’t mesh, so both of you get what you want.” -J.S. Wayne

If you and your partner are pretty dependent on one another in your daily lives this suggestion for space may come as a shock. Make sure to be cautious of their feelings when you ask for alone time so that you don’t sound resentful of your partner and all that you enjoy doing together. There is nothing wrong with wanting alone time and in the end you will be a better more attentive partner in the long run because you have taken care of yourself so you then can take care of your partner’s needs.

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