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You Deserve Someone Who Chooses You

Relationships both platonic and romantic can be one-sided. No one likes to be the giver in a relationship when all their friend or partner is doing is taking with no reciprocation.

We deserve someone who chooses US, for the person we are and all that we bring to the relationship. It is not bad to give and serve others but it is better when they return the favor. Don’t settle for good enough or someone that is just convenient for the time being. Find someone that truly treasures you and all of your qualities.

“Some one way streets only lead to dead ends.” Blakeney Otte

As I bark these instructions at you to find someone that is enough for you, someone that chooses you. You are probably wondering what that even means! Well, the short of it is to be with someone that chooses YOU is a person that will defend you in all circumstances and will go to bat for you when you need someone in your corner.

A partner or friend should be someone that you can rely on to be there at your time of need to drop everything, run to you, and serve you in the way that you need most to heal and go on with whatever is troubling you.

“If you have to choose between me and someone else, choose them.”

Being a second choice is not an option. For someone to CHOOSE YOU they have no other people to choose from. It is you and only you. Never forget that you are worth more than that.

Dating can be tricky that way because you never truly know how many other people someone is talking with or courting. Don’t lead yourself down a one way street with no hope for an equal relationship.

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