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You Don’t Have To Be Lonely Anymore

To be alone is a choice but to be lonely is not. Loneliness is a state of being. It can bring on sadness and resentment. No one wants to feel this way and we can remedy the feeling of loneliness but not a cure. There are three choices that are have been said to help people in lonely situations:

-This seems like a bit of a permanent thing to do and may be a tad on the drastic side but adopting a pet would occupy your time and fill in the lulls in your day. Dogs and cats can be good companions to have around if you are in a new situation and need comfort. Pets can also help you meet people when you take them on walks or to the pet store. Who knows, your future husband could be in aisle seven looking at fish food.

-Join a dating website. Moving to a new place can be rough on you both physically and emotionally. Having a friend or date to talk about all the changes in your life can prove to be a positive spin on your recent loneliness. Dating apps are free and convenient with simple user databases. Join a dating app and start reducing your loneliness with each swipe!

-Sports, recreation, or handicrafts can be a bonding time with like minded people. If you are feeling lonely on a Saturday afternoon check out what sports teams have intramural in your area or take up a knitting class at the local craft store. Whatever you choose you are bound to meet friends and also hone a new skill.

These three options to heal your lonely heart and mind are simply suggestions. Once you nab a great best friend or commit to a relationship with someone you will be lonely less of the time. There is also a time when people can be lonely in a relationship. This is a different type of loneliness. The kind that is almost more hurtful because you have someone but you still feel alone. Talking to them and keeping the line of communication open is one way to avoid this feeling. Whatever type of loneliness ales you, know that you are not alone at all and there is always a solution for your sad days.

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