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Your First Year Of Marriage In Review

Things That Happen To Every Couple Within The 1st Year Of Marriage

Marriage is different for everyone, no one person has a cookie cutter marriage to compare others with that will be the control of a marriage experiment but no matter the differences you share in all different kinds of marriages, there are a few similarities that a bound to happen to everyone in their first year of marriage no matter what type of life you lead. These four things are a guarantee to expect to happen in your marriage within the first 365 days.

You Will Be Happy About Your New Titles

  • You will find yourself calling your spouse, “husband” just to be able to utter the words. Introducing yourself as “the wife” is much more fun than “the girlfriend.” Enjoy it while it is still fresh.

First Significant Fight As A Married Couple

  • Yes, yes, you have had fights before, but never as a married couple. And believe me you will feel the difference. A spat as a couple is different than a spat when you are married.

You Will Maintain A New Routine

  • Boring as it seems you will settle into a routine. But this is healthy and normal. Everyone functions better with a routine and you will just have a bit of adjusting to your new married life.

There Will Be Some Bedroom Experimentation

  • Rumors be damned you will not let getting married kill your sex life. There will be a brief time in the bedroom a few months into your marriage where you decide to experiment a bit sexually. This is healthy and normal. Get it girl.

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For our readers that are already married, they will be able to relate to the reality that is “your first year” and for those of you that are “to be” hopefully this information is a light and friendly reminder that you get married because of the forever, the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you are a team. You do not get married for the wedding, it is for the marriage. I hope all of our lovebirds out there find what they are looking for and have an easy time navigating through all years of marriage.

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